Interim Fire Safety Assessor Register

The FPA Australia Interim Fire Safety Assessor Register connects building owners and industry looking for assistance in preparing Annual or Supplementary Fire Safety Statements with FPA Australia Corporate members who currently do this work, and meet minimum thresholds regarding experience, insurance, professional conduct and commitment to transition to accreditation in future.

In July 2017 the NSW Government announced a series of building regulatory reforms, largely with respect to fire safety, which came into effect on 1 October 2017. You can learn more at our NSW reforms FAQThe new Regulations require some types of fire protection work in NSW to be conducted by a ‘competent fire safety practitioner’ (CFSP), in particular the assessment of essential fire safety measure performance for the purposes of Annual and Supplementary Fire Safety Statements. Between 1 October and the NSW Government’s recognition of an appropriate accreditation scheme for CFSPs, building owners are required to satisfy themselves and state that the fire protection practitioners they engage are competent.

In February 2019 the NSW Government approved both the Fire Safety Assessment (FSA) and Fire Systems Design (FSD) classes of FPAS accreditation under the state's 2017 fire safety reforms, meaning that individuals holding either FSA or FSD accreditation will be recognised as 'competent fire safety practitioners' (CFSPs) under the reforms. Recognition of the two classes will be formalised after a phase-in period of approximately 12 months, after which relevant fire protection work in NSW will be required to be undertaken by a CFSP accredited by FPAS or other future approved schemes.

Until that time, FPA Australia recommends that building owners in NSW use the growing list of individuals with FSA accreditation, or individuals listed on this Interim Register to assess essential fire safety measure performance for the purpose of Annual or Supplementary Fire Safety Statements. We also recommend that building owners satisfy themselves of the knowledge, skills and qualifications of a prospective CSFP prior to appointing them. Use can be made of NSW Department of Planning and Environment's Guideline for building owners, available here.

Companies and individual practitioners listed on the Register have demonstrated/declared to FPA Australia that:

  1. The individual listed is employed by an FPA Australia Corporate member and has a minimum of three years’ experience in undertaking inspections/assessments for the purpose of completing Annual and Supplementary Fire Safety Statements in NSW;
  2. The individual listed is covered by Public and Product Liability Insurance ($10m minimum) and Professional Indemnity Insurance ($2m minimum);
  3. They have read and agreed to abide by the FPA Australia Code of Practice for companies, and Code of Professional Conduct for individuals;
  4. They have committed to undertake all assessment of essential fire safety measures in accordance with the relevant regulations, Codes and Australian Standards;
  5. They hold or have access to current and historical Standards and Codes for the essential fire safety measures that they assess; and
  6. That they are committed to applying for accreditation in the FPAS Fire Safety Assessment class of accreditation within 90 days of it becoming available.

Note that inclusion on the Register is not evidence of an individual’s competency or equivalent to accreditation. The Register is intended purely as an interim information tool to provide building owners with a central listing of individuals who have demonstrated they meet the above requirements. Building owners should take any steps they consider necessary to ensure they are satisfied that any individuals selected from the Register are competent. FPA Australia does not accept any responsibility or liability for the accuracy of the information provided, nor do they accept either directly or indirectly any liabilities, losses and damages arising from the use and application of this information.

Note:  FPA Australia Interim Register has now closed to new applications following the launch of the Fire Safety Assessment class of accreditation.

The "FSA application" field:  Many individuals on the NSW Interim Fire Safety Assessor Register are currently in the process of gaining the recently-launched Fire Safety Assessment (FSA) class of FPAS accreditation, which will eventually replace this Interim Register. Individuals’ FSA accreditation status is shown in the ‘FSA application’ column below.
Submitted’ refers to individuals who have submitted their FSA application, and are currently undertaking the seminars and assessments required to gain accreditation.
Accredited’ refers to individuals who have successfully gained FSA accreditation.
A 'blank'  fields refers to those who have not yet submitted an application for FSA accreditation.

CompanyFirst NameSurnameSuburbPostcode
1 Fire Services Pty LtdCristianCastanedaHORNSBY207744112
1 Fire Services Pty LtdMitchellRamseyHORNSBY207744112
2020 Fire Protection Pty LtdMichaelLangfordMATRAVILLE203425270
2020 Fire Protection Pty LtdRobertBroadheadMATRAVILLE203425270
Abate Pty LtdTonyMcilwraithWARRINGAH MALL210024671
ABC Filter Cleaning Services Pty LtdJoshuaYaghoubpourWetherill Park216446862
Absolute Fire SafetyJasonHughesMULGRAVE275624719
Absolute Fire SafetyJohnPapaMULGRAVE275624719
Access Fire ProtectionAndrewCapizziNORTH ROCKS215126742
Advance Fire Technology Pty LtdPaulDodoricoSOUTHPORT4214534046
Aegis Fire Guard Pty LtdJiangWuEPPING212138501
AFT Fire ProtectionGerardPigramBOTANY201925319
AFT Fire ProtectionRichardRaineBOTANY201925319
Airmaster Australia Pty LtdAaronSaltMANSFIELD412249027
Airmaster Australia Pty LtdAdamSurrNORTH ROCKS215149031
Airmaster Australia Pty LtdJohnFordNORTH ROCKS215149031
Airmaster Australia Pty LtdJustinTaylorNORTH ROCKS215149031
Airmaster Australia Pty LtdLukeSheatherNORTH ROCKS215149031
Airmaster Australia Pty LtdMahyarBarzegariNORTH ROCKS215149031
Airmaster Australia Pty LtdAndrewHillSCORESBY317946648
Airmaster Australia Pty LtdPaulWatsonSCORESBY317946648
Airmaster Australia Pty LtdRobertJurzakBERESFEILD232249034
Alconex FirePeterWhitingLIVERPOOL217025101
Alconex FireTroyCohenLIVERPOOL217025101
All Aussie FireShaunLawsMENAI CENTRAL223425021
All Fired Up Fire ServicesAndrewMortlockERINA225026952
Alliance Alarms Fire Systems Pty LtdMichaelAllanSMITHFIELD216425326
Alpine Fire SafetyAlexMachinJINDABYNE262724686
Amazon Fire ServicesDarrenWilgressCOFFS HARBOUR245044866
Andrews Fire ProtectionAndrewSciberrasPENSHURST222225284
Andrews Fire ProtectionThomasReadPENSHURST222225284
A-OK Fire ProtectionCraigGillanCARINGBAH SOUTH222925429
Apex Fire Pty LtdMalcolmSpinksSEVEN HILLS214728063
Arnlew FireAaronKnightCAMPBELLTOWN256046023
Ash Passive Fire Solutions Pty LtdMaiaWitikaALEXANDRIA201525049
Ash Passive Fire Solutions Pty LtdRobertGlocklingALEXANDRIA201525049
Aspire Fire & Electrical ServicesGrahamTylerBELROSE208542440
Associated Extinguisher EquipmentLeeAdamsMOOREBANK187525203
Associated Extinguisher EquipmentStevenAdamsMOOREBANK187525203
Ausfire ProtectionZivaSavinBRADBURY256035318
Auspark Fire and Electrical Services Pty LtdDavidBloorELDERSLIE257042693
Austratronics Pty LtdAdamElvyKINGSGROVE220825382
Austratronics Pty LtdGaryHajekKINGSGROVE220825382
Be Safe Fire ProtectionRicardoPerriconeSUMMERLAND POINT225932956
Beaches Fire ServicesPaulSiwinskiMANLY209546916
Beaver Fire Services Pty LtdDavidCollinsWARRIEWOOD210232533
Beaver Fire Services Pty LtdJeffreyBarnesWARRIEWOOD210232533
Bega Fire SystemsWarwickYeoBEGA255048595
Be-Sure Workplace Safety Pty LtdElliotSmithAVOCA BEACH225134762
Betta Fire ProtectionRobertNewcombeFRENCHS FOREST208624745
Betta Fire ProtectionSeanKielyFRENCHS FOREST208624745
Catalyst Fire & Electrical Services Pty LtdMerrickRaceMIRANDA222825063
Celsius Fire ServicesJamesCarltonCHATSWOOD206726177
Celsius Fire ServicesJasonMayneCHATSWOOD206726177
Celtic Fire ServicesAdrianManciniSEVEN HILLS214724628
Celtic Fire ServicesJosephWanstallSEVEN HILLS214724628
Chubb Fire & SecurityBruceMcNaughtonTIGHES HILL229729697
Chubb Fire & Security Pty LtdNoelRhodesMACQUARIE PARK211325513
Civil FireDrewIvisonARTARMON206424795
Civil FireJohnIvisonARTARMON206424795
Civil FireStevanGlanvilleARTARMON206424795
CMS Consulting Pty LtdDavidLavingsBROOKVALE210045338
CMS Consulting Pty LtdEdwardKarkowskiBROOKVALE210045338
CMS Consulting Pty LtdRichardOakleyBROOKVALE210045338
CNM Fire ServicesMalcolmGrahamMOLENDINAR421425031
Coastal Fire Protection Pty LtdDennisRobinsonPORT MACQUARIE244425693
Competent Fire Safety ProfessionalsChrisSt Clair HoneyBALLINA DC247850959
Complete Fire CertificationPeterRyceWARRIEWOOD210230136
Complete Plumbing and FireRobertNestorovicWOLLONGONG250027374
Complete Plumbing and FireWayneLewthwaiteWOLLONGONG250027374
Control Fire ProtectionGeordieKillenARDNELL PARK214842551
Credible Building TechnologiesBenjaminGirardSILVERWATER212825462
Credible Building TechnologiesPeterDiBiasiSILVERWATER212825462
Custom Fire SolutionsAdrianSerotzkiMALABAR203624607
D A Fire ServicesDanielChomickiCROWS NEST206525091
D A Fire ServicesSteveDwyerCROWS NEST206525091
DDE Services ElectricalJordiDruzinecCASTLE HILL215439388
DEM Fire & Essential Services GroupAnthonyCarrollSEVEN HILLS214725466
DEM Fire & Essential Services GroupMickMcGrathSEVEN HILLS214725466
DG Electrical and FireDeanGriffithsKIAMA253346203
Douse Fire ProtectionKrystynaCampbellYAMBA246424819
Douse Fire ProtectionToddCampbellYAMBA246424819
Dragon Fire ServicesDylanHughesWENTWORTHVILLE214532588
Dynamic Fire Services Pty LtdDarrinSeatonKINCUMBER225126960
Dynamick Fire InstallationsKimSteedmanGOULBURN258032474
Dynamick Fire InstallationsMichaelSteedmanGOULBURN258032474
Eagle Fire + SafetyEdwardMerewetherST. LEONARDS206524604
Eagle Fire + SafetyHanzWongST. LEONARDS206524604
Eagle Fire + SafetyMathewIacobbeST. LEONARDS206524604
Eagle Fire + SafetySuzanneScottST. LEONARDS206524604
Eagle Fire Protection Pty LtdClaudioSassoSEVEN HILLS214724630
Eagle Fire Protection Pty LtdDylanKelsoSEVEN HILLS214724630
Eagle Fire Protection Pty LtdGarryRiddleSEVEN HILLS214724630
Eagle Fire Protection Pty LtdPaulDaveySEVEN HILLS214724630
Emergency Safety SolutionsMichaelNguyenWETHERILL PARK216436333
Empire Fire Protection Pty LtdRobertGoughSMEATON GRANGE256725076
Encore Fire SystemsDavidMcCabeCASTLE HILL215425105
Encore Fire SystemsJamesRossCASTLE HILL215425105
Enfact Pty LimitedBrianHorncastleCROWS NEST206545432
ENGIE ServicesMichaelConnellSILVERWATER212824930
ENGIE ServicesRafaelPalmaSILVERWATER212824930
Essential Fire Standards Pty LtdCarltonHillierNARELLAN256738409
Essential Safety ProtectionIanCreswickSOUTH KEMPSEY244025173
Eversure Fire ProtectionScottCowanST. PETERS204424701
Extinguisher Services Pty LtdShannonRawlingsRYDALMERE211625486
Extreme Fire SolutionsJodyAldagCASTLE HILL215425327
F J Lambert & Co Pty LtdWarrenLambertELANORA HEIGHTS210125414
Fairdeal Fire Protection Pty LtdAndrewCoenKINGSPARK214824868
Fairdeal Fire Protection Pty LtdChristopherCoenKINGSPARK214824868
Fairdeal Fire Protection Pty LtdPhillipBrownKINGSPARK214824868
Fire and Life Safety ManagementJohnHarperSYDNEY200046555
Fire Away SolutionsJoeyYoungBROADWAY200745629
Fire Building Compliance Specialists Pty LtdDavidMenziesMONA VALE210338410
Fire Detection ConsultancyKeithKibbleTERREY HILLS208441479
Fire Essential Compliance Pty LtdJasonFullerROUSE HILL215525533
Fire Extinguishers AustraliaAnthonySilvaBONDI JUNCTION202225497
Fire Management SolutionsPeterJanzenGLADESVILLE211134596
Fire Management SolutionsRobertSolomons-JonesGLADESVILLE211134596
Fire Matrix Consultancy GroupJoshCoburnCASTLE HILL215442343
Fire Protection Solutions Pty LtdCharlesOttensWOLLONGONG250035904
Fire Risk Solutions Pty LtdDuncanGlendinningLINDFIELD207024735
Fire Safety Compliance Management Pty LtdRichardWallisKAHIBAH229025441
Fire Safety ConstructionsAndrewRentonROZELLE203924814
Fire StopNathanCorbyGOONELLABAH248025130
Fire StopNathanielPogsonGOONELLABAH248025130
Fire Stopping Pty LtdJamesBuryBALGOWLAH210033404
Fire System Design & CertificationLlionEvansMASCOT202045109
Fire System Design & CertificationWilliamLeaMASCOT202045109
Firecorp Australia Pty LtdAndresTejadaASHFIELD213125370
Firecorp Australia Pty LtdEduardoErmilioASHFIELD213125370
Firecorp Australia Pty LtdJatinkumarThakkarASHFIELD213125370
Firecorp Australia Pty LtdRavishankarShivaramASHFIELD213125370
Firefront (Australia) Pty LtdLewisGoodsirWILTON257147268
Firelinx Pty LtdTroyHeywoodPLUMPTON276124759
FireSafe Services NSWDavidMyersKINGS LANGLEY214747197
First Response Essential Fire ServicesMichaelWrenNEUTRAL BAY208924980
FlameSafe Fire Protection Pty LtdGlenHughesRYDALMERE211635063
FlameSafe Fire Protection Pty LtdKillianJordanRYDALMERE211635063
FlameSafe Fire Protection Pty LtdStephenTrevorRYDALMERE211635063
Flex Fire ServicesElmerRonquilloQUAKERS HILL276341843
Form 1 Fire Protection Pty LtdDavidCoxBENNETTS GREEN229025269
Forster's Fire Protection ServicesEricSingerFORSTER242825485
Frontline Fire Pty LtdTimothyHindsMOUNT HUTTON229025367
Frontline Fire Pty LtdTroyWatsonMOUNT HUTTON229025367
Future Fire & ElectricalShaneRoweKENSINGTON146539110
Global FireDanielKnoblauchKingsgrove220825443
Global FireDerikBatesKingsgrove220825443
Global FireMichaelZlopicKingsgrove220825443
Global FM Pty LtdPeterJacksonPADDINGTON406446085
GREENCAPBradleyParozNORTH RYDE211346833
GREENCAPJamesMorisonNORTH RYDE211346833
Grosvenor Fire Pty LtdDanielSnelsonNORTH WOLLONGONG250039640
Grosvenor Fire Pty LtdJackyFokMOOREBANK217025152
Group DLACharlesSlack- SmithSYDNEY200044490
Guard Fire ProtectionMurrayAllanMEDLOW BATH278035684
Highlands Fire and SafetyGlenWallaceBOWRAL257633611
Highlands Fire and SafetySimonMcIntoshBOWRAL257633611
Hirotec Maintenance Pty LtdAntonyNeofytouNEWINGTON212724694
Hirotec Maintenance Pty LtdFENGBONINGNEWINGTON212724694
Hirotec Maintenance Pty LtdZainuddin ZeashanMohammedNEWINGTON212724694
Hunter Valley FireStevenMartinPAXTON232544780
IndustraSAFEGrahameMurlandNew Lambton Heights230536838
Integrated Fire Solutions Pty LtdThomasPapadimitriouGLEBE203724792
ITD Fire ServicesIlcoZengoskiSANS SOUCI221933536
JLW Interiors Pty LtdJeremyWearneEMU PLAINS275048381
JLW Interiors Pty LtdJohnWilliamsEMU PLAINS275048381
Juno Fire Pty LtdRobertSearlePEAKHURST221025016
KBS Fire Protection ServicesPhilHunterBELROSE208524623
Key ComplianceDennisLyonsKOGARAH148533055
KH Electrical/ Air SolutionsKierenHennessyCARINGBAH222949909
LAF GroupLorenzoFazziniGREENACRE219038196
Liverpool Fire Services & SecurityGerardGolbachWATTLE GROVE217345517
LMP Fire Protection Pty LtdLeapyLeungKINGSGROVE220825626
Local Fire Pty LtdJoshRowlesPORT KEMBLA250525395
Local Fire Pty LtdSteveDarcyPORT KEMBLA250525395
LTA Fire Systems Pty LtdPaulHurstELERMORE VALE228725379
Metrofire Services Pty LtdShaunPenwardenKIRRAWEE223225146
Michael Spies & SonsDanielSpiesMATRAVILLE203645969
Michael Spies & SonsMatthewSpiesMATRAVILLE203645969
Michael Spies & SonsMichaelSpiesMATRAVILLE203645969
Monster Fire ServicesGeneCampbellGLENFIELD216746222
MuzcorpMurrayMcGlenchyNORTH NARRABEEN210140859
Newsound Fire Services Pty LtdVadimShargorodskyREVESBY221225345
Newsound Fire Services Pty LtdVyacheslavShargorodskyREVESBY221225345
Norec Services Pty LtdBorisDoreskiSMEATON GRANGE256732041
Norec Services Pty LtdBrettSimkinSMEATON GRANGE256732041
Norec Services Pty LtdJerilynGaoSMEATON GRANGE256732041
Norec Services Pty LtdJoseValenciaSMEATON GRANGE256732041
North Coast Fire and SecurityGaryGilbertWAUCHOPE244625252
Northern Rivers Fire ProtectionNicholasWatsonBALLINA247824790
Northwest Professional ServicesBorisKrastevBAULKAM HILLS215345878
Optima X Prime Pty LtdMaksimsNikandrovNORTHMEAD215249399
Oxford Fire Pty LtdBillKladosPEAKHURST221033298
P & R Fire Services Pty LtdPeterWoodworthKINGS PARK214825293
Passive FirstAldoPenaALEXANDRIA201524995
Philip Chun ESM Pty Ltd - NSWMarkWilsonARTARMON206435853
Philip Chun ESM Pty Ltd - NSWWilliamTanARTARMON206435853
Phoenix Fire Protection & MaintenanceJoePerriconeMT DRUITT277027577
Phoenix Fire Protection & MaintenanceNathanNashMT DRUITT277027577
Pointers Fire Protection Pty LtdJordanTheobaldFRENCHS FOREST208624648
Precision Fire Protection Services Pty LtdMichaelThompsonBELLA VISTA215324721
Precision Fire Protection Services Pty LtdSimonWalkleyBELLA VISTA215324721
Premier Fire Protection Services (NSW) Pty LtdRichardStalleyCHATSWOOD206745098
Premium Fire ServicesLeiXiaROCKDALE221642410
Prime Pumps Pty LtdGeoffBasdenRiverstone276525870
PRM FireMatthewVernonORANGE280046340
Promaster ProtectionChristopherDunnNTH GOSFORD225033236
Promaster ProtectionJoeCamilleriNTH GOSFORD225033236
Protect-A- Life Fire Services Pty LtdShaneSmithSOUTH MAROOTA275645520
Pyrosolv Pty LtdAndrewYeoHume262026262
Pyrosolv Pty LtdTimConnollyHume262026262
Quick Fire & Plumbing SolutionsThomaszPietonWOLLONGONG250048440
Red Men Fire ProtectionJamesDoneganBERKELEY VALE226125517
Red Men Fire ProtectionMichaelDoneganBERKELEY VALE226125517
Region West Fire ProtectionMichaelMillarMarranagroo279026519
Residential Safety SolutionsDavidCollaSEVEN HILLS214740823
Residential Safety SolutionsJohnGilsonSEVEN HILLS214740823
Respond Fire & ElectricalAllenSaidHOXTON PARK217145186
Romteck Grid Pty LtdJamesMillsBOTANY201924969
Sapphire Fire and SafetySamuelStewardEDEN255125237
Schiller Group Pty LtdKristoferSchillerRUNAWAY BAY421629990
Schiller Group Pty LtdNikolausSchillerRUNAWAY BAY421629990
Secure Fire ProtectionRexBarkerSMITHFIELD216447520
Secure Fire ProtectionWahibHadidSMITHFIELD216447520
SmokeBusters Fire SafetyHeathRyterBONDI JUNCTION135527652
SPS Fire and SafetyPawanThapaGUILDFORD216130563
SPS Fire and SafetySunilSharma GhimireGUILDFORD216130563
Star Fire SystemsGregBignallCASTLE HILL215424624
Statcom SystemsJackCrosbieBLACKBURN313024895
Statcom SystemsLeigh MichaelCuffeBLACKBURN313024895
Statcom SystemsMarkMummeryBLACKBURN313024895
Stokes Safety Pty LtdAaronKeaneSUNBURY342924579
Stokes Safety Pty LtdAnthonyStokesSUNBURY342924579
Stokes Safety Pty LtdPatrickStokesSUNBURY342924579
Storm Fire SolutionsKurtWhiteSYDNEY200025081
Strobe FireStuartRobertsonWAMBERAL226026616
Sure Fire Services Pty LtdKeianO'ConnorWHEELER HEIGHTS209732484
Survival Solutions Fire Safety ManagementAdamPoultonTUGGERAH225925243
Survival Solutions Fire Safety ManagementJeffTerryTUGGERAH225925243
Survival Solutions Fire Safety ManagementPeterMcKayTUGGERAH225925243
Sydney Extinguishers Pty LtdAdrianBartlettALEXANDRIA201542609
Sydney Fire Pty LtdBohuslavElisakPEAKHURST HEIGHTS221033474
Sydney Smoke Alarms and ComplianceAndrewWebbCONCORD213725923
Synergy Fire & SecurityStevenTrassariROSEBERY201824912
Synergy Fire & SecurityVeloudiaPuglieseROSEBERY201824912
The Fire ConsultantsJamesMurphieFORESTVILLE208725346
The Fire Protection Specialist Co Pty LtdBenSmithSOUTH WINDSOR275625260
The Fire Protection Specialist Co Pty LtdJamesRussellSOUTH WINDSOR275625260
The Fire Protection Specialist Co Pty LtdKarlHendrieSOUTH WINDSOR275625260
The Fire Protection Specialist Co Pty LtdNathanGraySOUTH WINDSOR275625260
Total Essential Services GroupBradJohannsenSYDNEY200025391
Total Essential Services GroupFaisalRazaSYDNEY200025391
Total Essential Services GroupJoeAvvenevoleSYDNEY200025391
Total Essential Services GroupMorganBleekSYDNEY200025391
Total Essential Services GroupSteveJosephSYDNEY200025391
Total Essential Services GroupAdrianRigheleMASCOT202045506
Total Fire SolutionsAndrewCollinsHEATHERBRAE232425014
Triple M FireJenniferWilsonMACQUARIE PARK211325492
Turbo Fire & Electrical Solutions Pty LtdAlanHarperORANGE280037817
Twin SparksStephenCroninRYDE211247902
Unified Fire ProtectionEvanBrownBAULKAM HILLS215328849
Unified Fire ProtectionMatthewBrienBAULKAM HILLS215328849
Universal Fire SystemsLeslieBobisPENRITH275046542
VFlex FireDonVenckusCASTLE HILL215425796
Wheeler IndustriesBenWheelerORANGE280040314
Wheeler IndustriesJamieWheelerORANGE280040314
Wormald AustraliaGlenHarrisCOFFS HARBOUR245029806
Wormald AustraliaAlanGlozierRYDALMERE211625213
Wormald AustraliaChristopherKinkadeRYDALMERE211625213
Wormald AustraliaMalcolmSaundersRYDALMERE211625213
Wormald AustraliaPushpinderJassalRYDALMERE211625213
Wormald AustraliaRodRolfeRYDALMERE211625213
Wormald AustraliaWarrenArmstrongRYDALMERE211625213
Wormald AustraliaPeterPayneHAMILTON230329807
Zenite Fire & Electrical ServicesBrianJonesMANLY VALE209324751
Zircon Fire Compliance Pty LtdGrantDeeleyROSEMEADOW256040491
Zircon Fire Compliance Pty LtdJeffreyDeeleyROSEMEADOW256040491