Mr Phillip Marcus Trott
Practitioner Name

Mr Phillip Marcus Trott

Business Details

De-Lux Emergency Lighting Services
88 Spencer Road, LONDONDERRY NSW 2753
Telephone Number
0424 1787 95
Email Address

Accreditation Details

Expand CollapseProgram nameAccreditation NumberAccreditation ExpiryAccredited JurisdictionsAccreditation Status
Fire Safety AssessmentF051163A31/03/2021NSWCurrent

Insurance Details

Insured EntityPolicy NumberInsurerInsurance TypeStart DateEnd DateAccreditation Programs
PM & LG Trott T/As Delux Emergency LightingFPII13036Lloyd's of LondonPublic Liabilty09/08/201909/08/2020FSA
PM & LG Trott T/As Delux Emergency LightingFPII13036Lloyd's of LondonProfessional Indemnity09/08/201909/08/2020FSA
De-Lux Emergency Lighting ServicesFPAA13036Fire Protection Industry InsurancePublic Liabilty09/08/202009/08/2021FSA
De-Lux Emergency Lighting ServicesFPII14391Fire Protection Industry InsuranceProfessional Indemnity09/08/202009/08/2021FSA