Transitional and Trainee Accreditation Application Form


Please read the following Terms & Conditions carefully before completing the FPAS Transitional and/or Trainee Accreditation application form.

Fact Sheet
In order to progress with this Application, all individuals must read and understand the Transitional Accreditation Fact Sheet and/or Trainee Accreditation Fact Sheet prior to completing this application. The Fact Sheets can be found here
The Fact Sheets contain all of the FPAS requirements for each of the pathways.

Inspect & Test Categories
The scheme focuses on ten (10) categories of inspect and test work available under Inspect & Test accreditation as per table below.
The table also reflects the frequencies for Inspect & Test work activities based on AS1851-2012.  It will assist you in identifying whether you apply for Routine (R) or Complex (C) level based upon your experience.

Routine Level (R) accreditation is for activities conducted up to and including six monthly as described in AS1851-2012
Complex (C) accreditation includes those activities for Routine level (R), and other activities conducted annually as described in AS1851-2012

Inspect & Test Category  Monthly  3 Monthly 6 Monthly  Yearly  
1. Fire Sprinkler Systems R - R C
2. Fire Pumpsets R - R C
3. Fire Hydrants R - R C
4. Fire Detection & Alarm Systems R - R C
5. Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems  C - C C
6. Pre-engineered Fire Suppression Systems (non-gaseous) - - C C
7. Portable Fire Equipment and Fire Hose Reels - - C C
8. Fire and Smoke Doors - C C C
9. Fire Seals and Collars - - C C
10. Exit and Emergency Lighting  C - C C

​When completing the application, please read through each section carefully, fill in all necessary information, and upload any required soft copies of documents and photos.

Work Experience Requirements  

Work experience needs to have occurred within the last three (3) years, and the minimum amount of experience required ranges from 6 - 12 months depending on which of the Inspect & Test categories you have experience in:
Twelve (12) months relevant experience in the Inspect and Test categories 1 - 6 (outlined in the table above).
Six (6) months relevant experience in the Inspect and Test categories 7 - 10 (outlined in the table above).

Code of Professional Conduct

All accredited individuals must agree to be bound by FPA Australia's most current Code of Professional Conduct, including those sections empowering the Association to act on breaches of the code.

Insurance Requirements 
All individuals accredited for Inspect & Test work must be covered by a $10 million public and product liability insurance policy.  The policy can be held directly by yourself or your employer. This policy must appropriately cover all areas of work activities undertaken and must be maintained and remain current for the entire accreditation period. More detailed information can be found by accessing the FPAS Transitional or Qualified Accreditation Fact Sheet.

Transitioning to FPAS Qualified Accreditation
The Transitional and Trainee Accreditation pathways provide a two (2) year transition period for individuals to gain the required units of competency in order to transition to Qualified Accreditation.  By applying for FPAS Transitional and/or Trainee Accreditation, you are committing to transition to Qualified Accreditation within the required time frame.

FPAS is not a substitute for any requirements for licensing, registration or accreditation established by relevant applicable legislation (state, territory and/or federal) unless otherwise confirmed by relevant regulation.