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-Fire Australia & Hazmat 2016
-Free Seminar Lambert Report
-Victorian Cladding Audit
-Infinity Cables Fire Risk
-Victoria Maintenance Seminar
-NSW Union Sprinkler Fitter Agreement
-FES signs up to FPAS
-Asbestos in Concrete Sheeting
-Questionable Practices - Fire Extinguisher Servicing
-Industry Mergers & Acquisitons
-New FireTalk Released
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March 7, 2016

Fire Australia + HazMat 2016 Registration Open

Early bird registrations for the newly combined Fire Australia + Hazmat 2016 Conference & Tradeshow are now open! 

Early bird rates represent significant discounts and will cease on Wednesday March 23, so register now and take advantage of the special rates. 


Free Seminar on the Lambert Report in NSW This Week!

FPA Australia is inviting all members to attend a free Membership Group meeting with a focus on the recommended reforms and implications of the Independent Review of the NSW Building Professionals Act 2005 commissioned by the NSW Government.

The event will be held this Wednesday March 9 at the Canada Bay Club, 4 William Street, Five Dock, NSW. While the event is free, registration is required for catering purposes.

Victorian Cladding Audit Results Highlight Massive Regulatory Failure

The Victorian Building Authority has revealed that half of Melbourne's newest high-rises have been installed with non-compliant flammable cladding, a result which indicates decades of regulatory failure and neglect of ongoing enforcement in Victoria.

Of the 170 buildings audited as part of the investigation, which was prompted by the Docklands Lacrosse apartment fire of November 2014, 51% were found to be non-compliant.

Infinity Cables Could Become Fire Risk Within Weeks

Dangerous electrical cabling installed in homes around the country could become a fire risk within weeks.

About 2,300 kilometres of Infinity and OlsenT branded cables remain installed in hundreds of homes and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has warned they may become a fire risk as early as April of this year.

Seminar: Fire Protection Maintenance Requirements in Victoria (AS 1851-2012)

You are invited to an informative seminar on the latest fire protection maintenance requirements for Victoria, to be held over two days, March 30 & 31, 2016 at the Holmesglen Conference Centre in Melbourne.

FPA Australia is continuing to work with government to remove unnecessary red tape obstacles to automatically adopting AS 1851-2012 for buildings where an Occupancy Permit or Maintenance Determination prescribes the use of an earlier version of the standard. An update on the status of this work will be provided at the seminar.

Advice on the NSW Union Sprinkler Fitter Agreement 

You may be aware that the CEPU (Plumbing Division - NSW Branch) has, following certain discussions, arrived at a proposal for the fire protection industry in NSW, for the renewal of the union 2011-2015 enterprise agreement effective from 1st March 2016.

You should be aware that you are not obliged to agree to this proposal and it is recommended that you do not sign up to this but rather seek an agreement that better meets your business needs.

Another Major Fire Protection Company Signs Up to FPAS - FES

Established Victorian-based fire protection company Fire Equipment Services (FES) have recently committed to gaining accreditation for all of their inspect & test technicians under the Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS).

FES is one of the largest providers of fire protection services in Victoria with around 56 technicians who will become accredited. The aim is for FES to become an FPAS Recognised Business in the future.

This commitment by FES is strong support of the Association's 2020 vision of having all inspect & test technicians in the industry qualified and accredited by the year 2020 and we congratulate FES on their commitment to industry best practice and professionalism.

Reports of Cement Sheets Containing Asbestos 

FPA Australia has recently become aware of reports of concrete fibre sheeting being imported into Australia that contain asbestos. More than 50 building sites are suspected of being impacted.



Questionable Practices - Fire Extinguisher Servicing in NT

FPA Australia has been made aware of some troubling business practices in relation to fire extinguisher servicing in the Northern Territory.

Specifically, the Association is aware of at least one business which is trading fire extinguisher servicing for alcohol.

Industry Mergers & Acquisitions 

In recent months a number of significant mergers and acquisitions have occurred in the local and global fire protection marketplaces.

In addition to the sale of Wormald, which was reported in the last edition of FireSignals, Johson Controls has now merged with Tyco, Honeywell has finalised the acquisition of Xtralis and Deanmac Emergency Services has been acquired by Falck.

New FireTalk Summer Newsletter Released For Members

FPA Australia has recently released the summer edition of the Fire Australia newsletter for members.

Members can access the summer edition, as well as previous editions of FireTalk, via the CONNECT member resource platform. 

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