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11 - 14 WA
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1 - 4 WA
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29 Apr – 2 May NT

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Hydrants Forum and Pumpsets and Tanks Seminars


18 - TAS
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25 - NT
26 - WA
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Hazmat 2014
14-15 May
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 Hydrants Forum and Pumpsets & Tanks Seminars

FPA Australia is hosting half day seminars across all states and territories in February covering a range of important issues including the Public Comment Draft of AS 2419 (Fire Hydrant Installations) the recently released AS 2941-2013, the key requirements of AS 2304-2011, insurance considerations and updated information on the Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS) and AS 1851-2012 suite of logbooks.

These informative sessions will give attendees the opportunity to contribute to the revision of AS 2419 and learn about the revised AS 2941-2013 (Fixed fire protection installations - Pumpset systems) and also AS 2304-2011 (Water storage tanks for fire protection systems).

To find out the date of the Seminar in your area and to register, download the seminar brochure here, or jump directly to CONNECT to register online. For any event enquiries please contact

 Congratulations to the First Victorian BPAD Accredited Practitioners

FPA Australia is proud to announce the first Victorian bushfire consultants to be granted accreditation under FPA Australia’s Bushfire Planning and Design (BPAD) Accreditation Scheme.

The BPAD scheme, which has been operating successfully in NSW since 2006, is a recognition program for appropriately skilled bushfire planning and design practitioners with the support of industry and government stakeholders.

Through the BPAD scheme, accredited practitioners are recognised by industry, regulators, fire agencies, end-users and the community as providers of professional bushfire assessment, planning, design and advice services. The Scheme provides an enhanced level of confidence for government and the community that practitioners are accredited by a suitably robust scheme that is administered by the peak national body for fire safety.

The BPAD scheme in Victoria is supported by the introduction of the new Victorian Tertiary Bushfire Course being offered at the University of Melbourne. This course was a response to the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission, which led the Victorian government to introduce a number of planning and building reforms focused on community safety.

CEO of FPA Australia Scott Williams said the first group of BPAD accredited practitioners in Victoria would help to deliver enhanced fire safety in high-risk bushfire areas. 

"The announcement of the first Bushfire Planning & Design practitioners in Victoria represents a significant step in the growing maturity of the bushfire planning industry in Victoria and the practitioners that are now accredited should be proud of their achievements in leading the way in this critical field" he said.

The first BPAD accredited practitioners in Victoria are:

Sam ThompsonRegional Planning & Design
Sally Van De Paverd – Yarra Valley Building Inspections
Hamish Allan – Terra Matrix
Andrew Stephens – Practical Ecology
David Heath – Heath Design      
Maisam Mirbagheri – Umow Lai

It is expected that several more consultants will become accredited under the scheme in coming weeks and it is likely there will be more than 10 BPAD consultants in Victoria by the end of February. FPA Australia sincerely congratulates all current and upcoming successful Victorian BPAD practitioners on their achievements.

To find a business that provides accredited bushfire consultancy services, click here and select Bushfire Consultant (BPAD) from the provider category list.
 Response to QLD Draft Policy on the Management of FireFighting Foams 
FPA Australia has tabled its response to the Queensland Government regarding its Draft Policy on the Management of Firefighting Foams.

The Queensland Department of Environment & Heritage Protection Draft Policy on the Management of Firefighting Foam proposes to place significant restrictions on the use of foam within current and future foam firefighting systems (including vehicle fire suppression systems) and extinguishers in Queensland. If implemented, these restrictions will have a detrimental impact on the fire protection industry in Queensland by immediately banning the use of most Class B foam products and requiring virtually all existing Class B foam concentrate in Queensland to be removed from service.

FPA Australia has concerns regarding the accuracy of the environmental information relied upon to support this Draft Policy and that this information has not been applied holistically, taking into consideration the firefighting performance of certain foams. This Draft Policy will potentially result in a reduction in overall fire protection provisions of facilities, assets and personnel that are currently being protected by foam-based systems and extinguishers.

The Association agrees that the fire protection industry should promote and utilise environmentally friendly products wherever possible and we also understand that firefighting foams have varying levels of environmental impact that need to be considered and managed appropriately.

However, the Association is concerned about the potential for significant safety consequences should these products be banned outright without consideration of what suitable alternative provisions are available to deliver equivalent  fire protection, and an appropriate transitional period for implementation, in partnership with industry.

Any policy in relation to the banning of firefighting foams should not only take into account their environmental impacts but also the firefighting performance of a given foam and quantities required in order to achieve full extinguishment.

It is the view of the Association that any future policy relating to firefighting foams needs to consider these aspects holistically and in consultation with industry. FPA Australia has highlighted its concerns with the current Draft Policy and has urged the Queensland Government to facilitate industry consultation, offering to host such a discussion. 

We look forward to working closely with the Queensland Government to ensure a positive outcome that is beneficial for all stakeholders and also achieves the required fire protection outcomes for the community.

To view FPA Australia's full submission to the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection click here.
 More Companies Signing On For FPAS Business Recognition  
The Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS) continues to gain momentum as more companies sign up to business recognition. In the past month two more companies formally achieved recognised business status: Fire Rating Solutions (FRS) and 24:seven Maintenance Solutions.

Business recognition under FPAS provides confidence & peace of mind to customers and demonstrates to regulators and other practitioners that your business engages accredited fire protection technicians.

Fire Rating Solutions offers protection of penetrations through fire rated elements, protection of structural steel / mechanical ducts, certification of passive fire elements, essential service audits, new construction defect identifications and schedules & identification.

24:seven Maintenance Solutions carry out all fire protection services including inspecting, testing and installation of portable fire equipment, fire alarms, sprinkler systems, emergency lighting and passive fire /smoke containment products and systems.

FPA Australia congratulates FRS and 24:seven on achieving recognised business status and setting their companies apart as industry leaders. Check out the upcoming Autumn edition of Fire Australia Magazine for profiles on these two FPAS recognised businesses.
 FPA Australia Vouchers Now Redeemable on FPAS Applications

FPA Australia members can now take further advantage of their $50 vouchers, as these are now redeemable for new individual accreditation and business recognition FPAS applications.

Voucher use is limited to one per new individual accreditation application and one per $500 spend on new business recognition applications. Some conditions apply, for more information about using your FPA Australia vouchers please contact Membership Services on 1300 731 922 or email
Sprinklers in NSW Aged Care Facilities - An Update From The Minister

NSW Minister for Planning & Infrastructure Mr Brad Hazzard has recently released an update on the current progress of the aged care industry in ensuring all nursing homes in the state are fitted with fire sprinklers.

New laws that came into effect 12 months ago require all nursing homes in NSW to have sprinklers installed. The Minister's update states that almost half of the 885 Commonwealth accredited nursing homes registered with the NSW Government are already fully fitted with fire sprinkler systems.

Mr Hazzard said the majority of nursing homes that were not already fitted with fire sprinkler systems had started down the path of having them installed.

The Department has also updated its website to allow users to search for specific nursing homes, areas or aged care providers and determine the progress of sprinkler installation. Check out the implementation records search tool
here. To view the FPA Australia NSW Fire Sprinkler Provider List click here.
 Exclusive Member Offer on Cert II Qualification & FPAS Application
FPA Australia is excited to announce an exclusive member-only offer to assist our members in undertaking the necessary competencies to apply to become accredited under the Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS).

Exclusive workshops for FPA Australia members will run from February to June 2014 with successful students receiving a Certificate II in Fire Protection Inspection & Testing including selected units required to apply for FPAS Qualified Accreditation.

This assessment will be delivered at a substantially reduced price and will also include your FPAS qualified accreditation application fee.

This offer is valued up to $3,700 however FPA Australia is currently offering this package to members for $2,200. Only 60 places are available so contact us now to book your spot. This offer will close once all places are filled.

This offer is currently exclusive to Platinum & Gold members only until Thursday February 6 2014.

What is included:
  • A place in a workshop to be held at FPA Australia’s national office, to be assessed in your competence for CPP20511 and selected elective subjects.
  • Enrolment in a CPP20511 Certificate II in Fire Protection Inspection & Testing and all relevant learning materials (see the enrolment form for the units of competency included.) This includes up to eight elective units.
  • Time included at the workshop to complete your application for Qualified FPAS Accreditation in 5 of the 10 ‘Inspect and Test’ categories. See the enrolment form for the list of categories that you will receive upon successful assessment.
  • Your application fee for FPAS Inspect and Test is included in this limited offer. (Any individual who already holds FPAS Inspect and Test Experienced (Transitional) and/or Trainee (Transitional) accreditation will have the status change fee waived as part of this bundled offer.)
  • For those individuals who can provide evidence of residing more than 200km from the assessment venue (Blackburn North, Victoria) a distance consideration of $100 will be provided as a further discount to the already reduced price of this exclusive package.
Workshop Details:

Location: Building 2, 31-47 Joseph St, Blackburn North, Victoria, 3130

Times: 8.30am starts. Lunch is included.


·         February: Monday 24 – 28

·         March: Monday 17 – 21

·         April: Monday 28 – 2 May

·         May: Monday 26 – 30

·         June: Monday 9 – 13

Please ensure you have read and understand the terms & conditions of this offer before completing the enrolment form. Completed enrolment forms should be sent to For more information on this offer or to book call 1300 731 922 or email
 New NFPA President Announced -  Mr Jim Pauley

Mr Jim Pauley of Lexington Kentucky has been named as the next President of the U.S National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Mr Pauley is the current Senior Vice President of External Affairs and Government Relations at Schneider Electric and will take up the new role at NFPA in July.

Mr Pauley succeeds Mr James M. Shannon who has served as NFPA President since 2002 and has been at NFPA for 23 years. FPA Australia congratulates Mr Pauley on his new role and Mr Shannon for his outstanding & dedicated service to his Association and the global fire protection and electrical industries.
Fire Protection Industry (ODS & SGG) Board Good Practice Guide Released

The Fire Protection Industry (ODS & SGG) Board has recently released its Good Practice Guide, superseding the the September 2007 edition of the ODS & SGG Code of Practice.

This guide is applicable to all fire suppression system practitioners and companies who handle or trade in extinguishing agents described in Schedule One of the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Act 1989.

The objective of the Good Practice Guide is to provide guidance to fire protection industry practitioners in the handling, storage and disposal of scheduled ODS and SGG used in the fire industry, to reduce emissions into the environment and to ensure compliance with the provisions of the legislation.

The guide covers many aspects associated with the correct handling and management of ODS and SGG extinguishing agents to ensure compliance with the Act but it is not exhaustive and should be read in conjunction with other relevant information. 

The Fire Protection Industry (ODS & SGG) Board endorses  the use of this Good Practice Guide by all those who manufacture, sell, install, commission, service and decommission fire protection equipment and systems that use scheduled ODS and SGG extinguishing agents.

Click here to download a copy of the Good Practice Guide.
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