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Two New Technical Documents Released

FPA Australia has recently released two new technical documents: PS-04: National Licensing - Fire Protection Work Under the Plumbing & Gasfitting Occupations and IB-05: Sprinkler System Component Fault Monitoring

PS-04 National Licensing - Fire Protection Work Under the Plumbing and Gasfitting Occupations

The COAG National Licensing Steering Committee has released the Decision Regulation Impact Statement: Proposal for national licensing of the plumbing and gasfitting occupations (the DRIS).

FPA Australia's newly released  Position Statement - 04 National Licensing - Fire Protection work under the plumbing and gasfitting occupations demonstrates the Association's support for national licensing, outlines the benefits, highlights the importance of not only requiring the relevant qualification but the relevant competencies, and discusses how FPA Australia's Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS) can support national licensing.

This Position Statement is also being distributed to all relevant state and territory regulators to advocate for national adoption. The Position Statement is available from the  Technical Documents  page of the FPA Australia website.

IB-05 Sprinkler System Component Fault Monitoring

This Information Bulletin covers the important issue of monitoring sprinkler system components for faults.

The effectiveness of fire sprinkler systems in suppressing and controlling fires and alerting the fire brigade is well documented but none of these benefits will be experienced if key components fail or do not function correctly at the time of a fire incident.

This Information Bulletin highlights this issue; outlines some of the requirements for such monitoring under the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards and provides recommendations for consideration by relevant stakeholders.

This Information Bulletin is available from the Technical Documents page of the FPA Australia website.

A comprehensive range of Technical Documents, including member exclusive documents, can be accessed by FPA Australia members via the CONNECT platform.

FPA Australia Releases New Training Subject

FPA Australia is proud to announce the release of a new training subject: Install and commission pre-engineered fire-suppression systems (CPPFES3042A). Enrolments are now being taken for this subject, with assessments to occur from early 2014.

Fire technicians who enrol in this subject will receive learning materials that cover how to interpret and comply with legal and industry requirements relating to fire system operations; conducting pre-installation inspections and checks; installing a pre-engineered fire-suppression system and commissioning an installed fire-suppression system.

For fire technicians who inspect and test these systems we also recommend undertaking CPPFES2027A Inspect, test and maintain non-gaseous pre-engineered fire-suppression systems. We offer enrolment and assessment for these subjects combined for those who undertake the installation, commissioning, testing and maintenance of pre-engineered fire-suppression systems.

Assessment can occur in a private workshop at your premises or at a selection of public workshops where the appropriate equipment is available. You will find more information about training workshops in this edition of FireSignals.

To enrol or to learn more about this or other subjects offered by FPA Australia visit or call 1300 731 922.

 FPAS Individual Technicians and Recognised Businesses Now Available to View Online

FPA Australia has released lists of Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS) individual accredited technicians and recognised businesses, so customers can access this information now, ahead of the launch of integrated FPAS search functionality in coming weeks.

Once implemented, the search tool will allow users to find FPAS recognised businesses that provide inspect & test services in their area, as well as validating the accreditation status of individual technicians.

The lists will be updated weekly until the new search tools come online as new applications from fire technicians and businesses are being received every day, with more than 400 applications currently being processed.

Both lists can be accessed from the FPAS homepage at or you can jump directly to the individual accredited technician list here or the recognised business list here.

To apply to the Scheme, visit the FPAS webpage or jump straight to the Individual Application Forms or Business Recognition Forms pages.

Attention Fire Technicians and Contractors - Don't miss the Fire Australia 2013 Technical Stream

The Fire Australia 2013 Conference sees the introduction of an additional presentation stream, complementing the popular strategic stream. The technical stream focuses on practical content, providing relevant information to those in the field.

Technical presentations will run for three quarters of each conference day (Wednesday November 20 and Thursday November 21), offering a wide range of topics and materials.

Some of the important practical topics under discussion as part of the Technical Stream include:
  • The Impact of Impulse Fans in Car Parks
  • Passive Fire Protection in Design Strategy
  • Performance of Intumescent Paint on Different Materials
  • The Need for an Australian Standard for Fire Barrier Assemblies
  • ACCC Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • Replacing Fire Hose Reels with Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • National Adoption of AS 1851-2012
  • Electronic Recording of Inspection & Testing Data
  • And so much more...
With speakers from around Australia and overseas, the Conference organisers aim to ensure all presentations are topical and current, affording attendees across all roles in fire protection and related industries additional knowledge and information.

Don't miss out on this vital industry event - register to attend Fire Australia 2013 today! Download the Program and Registration brochure which features detailed information on both Conference streams or visit

Fire Australia Conference LinkedIn Group Launched

A dedicated group for the Fire Australia 2013 Conference and Exhibition has been created on LinkedIn and can be accessed here.

On this page you will find all regular information distributed about the conference in one place, as well as links to relevant Conference and Exhibition content, including programs, brochures and registration forms.

Remember - everything you need to know about Fire Australia 2013 is also available from

In addition, don't forget to join the general FPA Australia LinkedIn Group which can be accessed here. This group is growing fast and regularly features highly relevant discussions and industry job advertisements, so become a member and be part of the conversation.

Fire Protection Industry (ODS & SGG) Board - Visits to Non-Authorised Businesses

As part of the Fire Protection Industry (ODS & SGG) Board’s ongoing compliance related activities, site visits with a focus on compliance and education in New South Wales (NSW) were recently undertaken.

A total of 45 companies were visited in April, May and June 2013. The Executive Officer of the Fire Protection Industry (ODS & SGG) Board, Carlos Santin, said that the site visits were to raise awareness of businesses and their technicians on the legislative requirements they must comply with under the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Regulations 1995.

“The general approach was to educate and help businesses comply with the regulations. Businesses should be aware that not complying with legislative requirements may result in financial penalties being imposed.”

The site visits in NSW identified a number of companies purchasing and selling scheduled extinguishing agents that did not possess Extinguishing Agent Trading Authorisations. In some instances, the technicians employed by these companies also did not hold the relevant Extinguishing Agent Handling Licences.

“At this stage, our efforts are focused on helping companies comply and the feedback we have received from the companies is very encouraging. Generally the Board’s Field Officer has been welcomed and companies are keen to get things right,” Mr Santin said.

Mr Santin also pointed out that the site visits are ongoing and checks of non-authorised businesses will continue to be conducted in 2013.

If you believe that an individual or business is operating illegally you can report this to the Board by forwarding the information to the Executive Officer – Ozone Protection at or (03) 8892 3131. For more information about scheduled agents or licences visit

FPA Australia's RTO:
Training That Suits Your Needs and Your Pace

Enrol now in the ideal qualification for fire protection professionals: FPA Australia’s Certificate II in Fire Protection Inspection and Testing.

Choose from a range of subjects to study individually, or enrol in the full qualification. Start your training at any time when and where it suits you with our self-study option, then undertake an assessment workshop with one of our qualified workplace assessors in your state or territory.

Workshops may run for one day or for a whole week, depending on your needs. Once your assessment has been completed you will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment or Certificate as evidence of your competence.

Do you have skills and knowledge and simply require assessment?

FPA Australia offers you several different options for assessment. Private workshops for group training and/or assessment can be arranged to suit the needs of your business, or you can enrol at any time and join other fire protection technicians at a public assessment workshop.

Call 1300 731 922 to arrange private assessment sessions or check out the dates below for upcoming public workshops. If you are unable to attend any of the sessions listed below, call us to find out when FPA Australia will be conducting a session near you.

October |  8 - 11 Perth | 22 - 25 Sydney

November |  4 - 8 Melbourne | 12 - 15 Adelaide | 26 - 29 Perth

January | 14 - 17 Sydney | 21 - 24 Brisbane | 28 - 31 Melbourne

Aviation Industry Update

Currently in Australia all Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (LAMEs) and Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AMEs) who handle extinguishing agents are required to achieve competence in CPPFES2043A Prevent ozone depleting substance and synthetic greenhouse gas emissions or an equivalent assessment.

The Fire Protection Industry (ODS & SGG) Board has been working with the aviation industry to find ways in which the requirement for CPPFES2043A may be satisfied by either undertaking the unit of competency or an equivalent.

If you are a LAME or AME and handle extinguishing agents but have not yet completed CPPFES2043A or an equivalent assessment, you should enrol as soon as possible.

A list containing information on the Registered Training Organisations that offer CPPFES2043A is available here

Please note that the RTOs may offer the training and assessment of the competency either by classroom assessment or electronically via distance learning, so it is important to check with each organisation as to their approach.

For further information please contact Carlos Santin, Executive Officer - Ozone Protection at, (03) 8892 3131.

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