Interim Fire Safety Assessor Register

Welcome to the Interim Fire Safety Assessor Register, provided by Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) to serve as an interim tool for building owners and industry seeking competent fire safety practitioners.

Practitioners listed on the Register have declared they meet minimum requirements for experience, insurance, professional conduct and commitment to future accreditation. FPA Australia recommends that building owners in New South Wales use individuals listed on the Register to assess essential fire safety measure performance for the purpose of Annual or Supplementary Fire Safety Statements, prior to an accreditation scheme being recognised by the NSW Government.

In July 2017 the NSW Government announced a series of building regulatory reforms, largely with respect to fire safety, which came into effect on 1 October 2017. You can learn more at our NSW reforms FAQ.

The new Regulations require some types of fire protection work in NSW to be conducted by a ‘competent fire safety practitioner’ (CFSP), in particular the assessment of essential fire safety measure performance for the purposes of Annual and Supplementary Fire Safety Statements.

The NSW Government intends to recognise appropriately rigorous industry schemes that accredit individuals as CFSPs. As such, FPA Australia is applying for recognition of two classes of accreditation in the Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS): Fire Systems Design (already available) and Fire Safety Assessor (soon to be released). The Fire Safety Assessor class of accreditation will be tailored to fit the new requirements for practitioners conducting assessments for the purposes of Annual and Supplementary Fire Safety Statements.

Between 1 October and the government’s recognition of an appropriate scheme, building owners will be required to satisfy themselves and state that the fire protection practitioners they engage are competent.

The FPA Australia Interim Fire Safety Assessor Register connects building owners and industry looking for assistance in preparing Annual or Supplementary Fire Safety Statements with FPA Australia Corporate members who currently do this work, and meet minimum thresholds regarding experience, insurance, professional conduct and commitment to transition to accreditation in future.

Companies and individual practitioners listed on the Register have demonstrated/declared to FPA Australia that:

  1. The individual listed is employed by an FPA Australia Corporate member and has a minimum of three years’ experience in undertaking inspections/assessments for the purpose of completing Annual and Supplementary Fire Safety Statements in NSW;
  2. The individual listed is covered by Public and Product Liability Insurance ($10m minimum) and Professional Indemnity Insurance ($2m minimum);
  3. They have read and agreed to abide by the FPA Australia Code of Practice for companies, and Code of Professional Conduct for individuals;
  4. They have committed to undertake all assessment of essential fire safety measures in accordance with the relevant regulations, Codes and Australian Standards;
  5. They hold or have access to current and historical Standards and Codes for the essential fire safety measures that they assess; and
  6. That they are committed to applying for accreditation in the FPAS Fire Safety Assessor class within 90 days of it becoming available.

Note that inclusion on the Register is not evidence of an individual’s competency or equivalent to accreditation. The Register is intended purely as an interim information tool to provide building owners with a central listing of individuals who have demonstrated they meet the above requirements. Building owners should take any steps they consider necessary to ensure they are satisfied that any individuals selected from the Register are competent. FPA Australia does not accept any responsibility or liability for the accuracy of the information provided, nor do they accept either directly or indirectly any liabilities, losses and damages arising from the use and application of this information.

If you are an FPA Australia Corporate member and would like to be listed on the Register, log in using your company details and submit your application here.

Please click on the company name for contact details

CompanyFirst NameSurnameSuburbStatePostcode
Passive First Pty LtdAldoPenaALEXANDRIANSW201524995
Saas Fire Protection Pty LtdStephenSwatridgeALEXANDRIANSW201536970
Sydney Extinguishers Pty LtdAdrianBartlettALEXANDRIANSW201542609
Control Fire ProtectionGeordieKillenARDNELL PARKNSW214842551
Philip Chun ESM Pty Ltd - NSWRobertMarinelliARTARMONNSW206435853
Philip Chun ESM Pty Ltd - NSWAntonyRickardsARTARMONNSW206435853
Philip Chun ESM Pty Ltd - NSWMarkWilsonARTARMONNSW206435853
Firecorp Australia Pty LtdEduardoErmilioASHFIELDNSW180025370
Firecorp Australia Pty LtdAndresTejadaASHFIELDNSW180025370
Building Code & Bushfire Hazard Solutions Pty LtdDavidMcMonniesBEROWRANSW208125140
Priority 1 Fire ConsultingDavidBunningBEROWRA HEIGHTSNSW208224687
Highlander Combined ServicesMarkWinterBERRIDALENSW262825730
Fire Extinguishers AustraliaAnthonySilvaBONDI JUNCTIONNSW202225497
AFT Australia Pty LtdJasonFosterBOTANYNSW201925319
AFT Australia Pty LtdLukeMacDougallBOTANYNSW201925319
AFT Australia Pty LtdMauricePantaleoneBOTANYNSW201925319
AFT Australia Pty LtdGerardPigramBOTANYNSW201925319
AFT Australia Pty LtdRichardRaineBOTANYNSW201925319
Romteck Grid Pty LtdSeanJosephBOTANYNSW201924969
Highlands Fire and SafetySimonMcIntoshBOWRALNSW257633611
Ausfire ProtectionZivaSavinBRADBURYNSW256035318
Fire Away SolutionsJoeyYoungBROADWAYNSW200745629
CMS Consulting Pty LtdJanCooperBROOKVALENSW210045338
CMS Consulting Pty LtdDavidLavingsBROOKVALENSW210045338
Djarraba Fire & Emergency ManagementKevinWhitehouseCAMDEN SOUTHNSW257044920
Djarraba Fire & Emergency ManagementMatthewWhitehouseCAMDEN SOUTHNSW257044920
GMC Fire ServicesGlennCroftCAMPBELLTOWNNSW256025059
DDE Services ElectricalDragoDruzinecCASTLE HILLNSW215439388
Alconex FireTroyCohenCASULA MALLNSW217025101
Alconex FirePeterWhitingCASULA MALLNSW217025101
Red Men Fire ProtectionWarrenArmstrongCHITTAWAY BAYNSW226125517
Red Men Fire ProtectionJamesDoneganCHITTAWAY BAYNSW226125517
Red Men Fire ProtectionMichaelDoneganCHITTAWAY BAYNSW226125517
Red Men Fire ProtectionBrettGordonCHITTAWAY BAYNSW226125517
WormaldGlenHarrisCOFFS HARBOURNSW245029806
D A Fire ServicesDanielChomickiCROWS NESTNSW158525091
Enfact Pty LimitedBrianHorncastleCROWS NESTNSW206545432
Enfact Pty LimitedRaymond JohnHumphreyCROWS NESTNSW206545432
Enfact Pty LimitedMichaelMc TiernanCROWS NESTNSW206545432
F J Lambert & Co Pty LtdWarrenLambertELANORA HEIGHTSNSW210125414
Auspark Fire and Electrical ServicesDavidBloorELDERSLIENSW257042693
FPTS FireJanuszKobylanskiEMERTONNSW277024951
M3V Pty LtdDavidLonerganERMINGTONNSW211539476
Paramount Fire ConsultantsWilliamO'SheaERMINGTONNSW211525305
The Fire ConsultantsJamesMurphieFORESTVILLENSW208725346
Forster's Fire Protection ServicesEricSingerFORSTERNSW242825485
Pointers Fire Protection Pty LtdJordanTheobaldFRENCHS FORESTNSW208624648
Fire Management SolutionsPeterJanzenGLADESVILLENSW211134596
Hawkins On Fire - Fire Protection ServicesShaunCameronGOONELLABAHNSW248025478
Hawkins On Fire - Fire Protection ServicesDavidHawkinsGOONELLABAHNSW248025478
Hawkins On Fire - Fire Protection ServicesChrisHoneyGOONELLABAHNSW248025478
Catalyst Fire & Electrical Services Pty LtdMerrickRaceGYMEANSW222725063
Metrofire Services Pty LtdShaunPenwardenGYMEANSW223225146
FGI Fire Pty LtdTerryAmbroseHILLSDALENSW203645285
FGI Fire Pty LtdJamieParkinsonHILLSDALENSW203645285
Alpine Fire Safety AlexMachinJINDABYNENSW262724686
Alpine Fire Safety JaceManningJINDABYNENSW262724686
Fire Safety Compliance Management Pty LtdRichardWallisKAHIBAHNSW229025441
Future Fire & Electrical Pty LtdShaneRoweKENSINGTONNSW146539110
FireSafe Services NSWDaveMyersKINGS LANGLEYNSW214725165
P & R Fire Services Pty LtdScottManningKINGS LANGLEYNSW214725293
P & R Fire Services Pty LtdLawrenceThorpeKINGS LANGLEYNSW214725293
P & R Fire Services Pty LtdPeterWoodworthKINGS LANGLEYNSW214725293
Star Fire SystemsGregBignallKINGS LANGLEYNSW215324624
Key ComplianceDennisLyonsKOGARAHNSW148533055
Access Fire ProtectionAndrewCapizziLANE COVENSW206626742
Simon Building ServicesSimonJanLIDCOMBENSW214131212
Chubb Fire & SecurityNoelRhodesMACQUARIE PARKNSW211325513
Aspire Fire & Electrical ServicesGrahamTylerMANLYNSW165542440
TJS Fire & Safety Pty LtdMichaelMcCarthyMarrickville, SydneyNSW220424967
Fire System Design & Certification Pty LtdLlionEvansMASCOTNSW202045109
Fire System Design & Certification Pty LtdWilliamLeaMASCOTNSW202045109
Infinity Fire ProtectionStuartGaleMASCOTNSW202025271
Infinity Fire ProtectionMarkHookerMASCOTNSW202025271
Infinity Fire ProtectionGeorgeReboredoMASCOTNSW202025271
Total Essential Services GroupBradJohannsenMASCOTNSW202025391
Total Essential Services GroupMichaelMenaryMASCOTNSW202025391
2020 Fire Protection Pty LtdRobertBroadheadMATRAVILLENSW203625270
2020 Fire Protection Pty LtdMichaelLangfordMATRAVILLENSW203625270
Guard Fire ProtectionMurrayAllanMEDLOW BATHNSW278035684
Metrofire Pty LtdAnthonyLyritzisMELBOURNEVIC300125451
All Aussie Fire Pty LtdShaunLawsMENAI CENTRALNSW223425021
Fire Building Compliance SpecialistsDavidMenziesMONA VALENSW210338410
Associated Extinguisher EquipmentLeeAdamsMOOREBANKNSW187525203
Associated Extinguisher EquipmentStevenAdamsMOOREBANKNSW187525203
Grosvenor Fire Pty LtdMatthewDarbyMOOREBANKNSW187525152
Grosvenor Fire Pty LtdJackyFokMOOREBANKNSW187525152
Phoenix Fire and MaintenanceJoePerriconeMT DRUITTNSW277045107
Absolute Fire SafetyRichardPorterMULGRAVENSW275624719
KBS Fire Protection ServicesMichaelAdamsNARRABEENNSW210124623
Turbo Fire & Electrical Solutions Pty LtdAlanHarperORANGENSW280037817
Wheeler IndustriesJamieWheelerORANGENSW280040314
Andrews Fire ProtectionAndrewSciberrasPENSHURSTNSW222925284
Firelinx Pty LtdTroyHeywoodPLUMPTONNSW276124759
Flex Fire ServicesElmerRonquilloQuakers HillNSW267341843
Premium Fire ServicesHerbertXiaROCKDALENSW221642410
Zircon Fire Compliance Pty LtdGrantDeeleyROSEMEADOWNSW256040491
Zircon Fire Compliance Pty LtdJeffreyDeeleyROSEMEADOWNSW256040491
Fire Risk Solutions Pty LtdDuncanGlendinningROSEVILLENSW206924735
Fire Essential Compliance Pty LtdJasonFullerROUSE HILLNSW215525533
Extinguisher Services Pty LtdKimberleyMorganRYDALMERENSW211625486
Extinguisher Services Pty LtdBernadetteStafraceRYDALMERENSW211625486
Extinguisher Services Pty LtdTonyToroRYDALMERENSW211625486
FlameSafe Fire Protection Pty LtdGlenHughesRYDALMERENSW211635063
FlameSafe Fire Protection Pty LtdStephenTrevorRYDALMERENSW211635063
Wormald AustraliaAlanGlozierRYDALMERENSW211625213
Wormald AustraliaChristopherKinkadeRYDALMERENSW211625213
Wormald AustraliaJohnLynchRYDALMERENSW211625213
Wormald AustraliaRodRolfeRYDALMERENSW211625213
Wormald AustraliaMalcolmSaundersRYDALMERENSW211625213
Wormald AustraliaPushpinderSinghRYDALMERENSW211625213
Green Forever Pty LtdMacFanSILVERWATERNSW212827789
Credible Building TechnologiesDavidCoxSILVERWATER BCNSW212825462
Credible Building TechnologiesPeterDiBiasiSILVERWATER BCNSW212825462
Credible Building TechnologiesBenjaminGirardSILVERWATER BCNSW212825462
Credible Building TechnologiesPaulSalibaSILVERWATER BCNSW212825462
Rassco Services Pty LtdRickAlisonSILVERWATER BCNSW212825427
Rassco Services Pty LtdChrisOsborneSILVERWATER BCNSW212825427
MDL Asset Services Pty LtdMarkJeffreySMITHFIELDNSW216424856
MDL Asset Services Pty LtdShaunWilliamsSMITHFIELDNSW216424856
Marland Fire TechnologyGarryMarlandSOUTH TACOMANSW225928440
Civil FireStevanGlanvilleST LEONARDSNSW206524795
Civil FireJohnIvisonST LEONARDSNSW206524795
Eagle Fire + SafetyMathewIacobbeST LEONARDSNSW159024604
Eagle Fire + SafetyTedMerewetherST LEONARDSNSW159024604
Eagle Fire + SafetySuzanneScottST LEONARDSNSW159024604
Be Safe Fire ProtectionRicardoPerriconeSUMMERLAND POINTNSW225932956
Group DLACharlesSlack- SmithSYDNEYNSW200044490
Fire Detection ConsultancyKeithKibbleTERREY HILLSNSW208441479
Somerset Fire Solutions Pty LtdBenjaminTaylorTHORNTONNSW232225071
Chubb Fire & SecurityBruceMcNaughtonTIGHES HILLNSW229729697
Fire IntegrityBrentGerdesTOORMINANSW245244053
Survival Solutions Fire Safety ManagementLloydFairbairnTUGGERAHNSW225925243
Survival Solutions Fire Safety ManagementPeterMcKayTUGGERAHNSW225925243
Survival Solutions Fire Safety ManagementAdamPoultonTUGGERAHNSW225925243
Survival Solutions Fire Safety ManagementJeffTerryTUGGERAHNSW225925243
Applied Fire Protection & Maintenance Pty LtdSeanHamillTumbi UmbiNSW226132740
Apex Fire Pty LtdMalcolmSpinksWAMBERALNSW226028063
Liverpool Fire Services & SecurityGerardGolbachWATTLE GROVENSW217345517
Respond Fire & ElectricalAllenSaidWEST HOXTONNSW217145186
DEM Fire & Essential ServicesGaryMarshallWINSTON HILLSNSW215325466
DEM Fire & Essential ServicesThomasMarshallWINSTON HILLSNSW215325466
DEM Fire & Essential ServicesMickMcGrathWINSTON HILLSNSW215325466
DEM Fire & Essential ServicesMaxNikandrovWINSTON HILLSNSW215325466
Fire Protection Solutions Pty LtdAndrewFisherWOLLONGONGNSW250035904
Fire Protection Solutions Pty LtdCharlesOttensWOLLONGONGNSW250035904
Douse Fire ProtectionKrystynaCampbellYAMBANSW246424819
Douse Fire ProtectionToddCampbellYAMBANSW246424819